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Leighton is a Conservative Republican who believes Texas is great, but we can do better. Read more about where Leighton stands on the issues facing District 13 and the entire state of Texas.


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Leighton fights for you in Austin. Contribute to his campaign and help him continue to be your voice!


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Since being sworn in, Leighton has been recognized as an emerging leader in the Texas House and has earned the respect and support of many. Look at some of the endorsements he’s received from organizations important to you.

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  • The Texas Plan
  • Border Security
  • Education
  • Fighting For Rural Issues
  • Transportation

Despite difficult economic times, the Texas economy has continued to thrive. In fact, over the last decade, fully 25% of all jobs created in the United States were created right here in the State of Texas. As a small business owner, Leighton knows the impact that government fiscal policy has on business.

That’s why the Texas Association of Business recognized Leighton with its highest honor, the “Champion of Free Enterprise” Award, for his work in the last legislative session.

Leighton strongly supported the 2015-2016 budget that continues to keep Texas on strong fiscal ground by keeping government spending increases to less than 2% per year. The budget grows less than population and inflation as it stays well beneath the constitutional spending cap, leaving more than $11 billion in the state’s Rainy Day Fund. Yet even as it limits spending, careful spending priorities still provide additional funding for education, border security, transportation and child protection.

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2015 saw unprecedented, increasing danger on the world stage and multiple attacks in the United States homeland itself.  When many are content to leave issues like this to the federal government, Leighton understands these events underscore the need to provide additional security to Texas borders.

In historic action, Leighton lent his voice and support to the Texas House-approved border-security package championed by Governor Greg Abbott, investing $800 million in improvements and enhancements to Texas border security. This allocation of funds allows the Department of Public Safety to hire an additional 250 state troopers to patrol the Texas border.  Consistent with his commitment to veterans who have served the country with honor, Leighton supported House Bill 11, which gave the Department of Public Safety the authority to expedite the hiring of military veterans who have been honorably discharged and want to become state troopers. Leighton has traveled to the Texas-Mexico border and seen first-hand the implementation of these border security measures.

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Leighton grew up attending public schools.  A graduate of Snook High School and Texas A&M University, he understands the importance of a strong, publicly funded education system, from kindergarten through graduate school.  Leighton understands the importance of having a strong, educated workforce. He strongly supported the 2015-2016 budget that pays for an increase of roughly 80,000 students per year in the state’s overall public school enrollment, along with carving out an additional $1.5 billion for public education.

Leighton’s commitment to education in Texas was sharply challenged in the last legislative session. After only a matter of weeks from taking office, Leighton led the fight to defeat House Bill 1903, which would have had a disastrous effect on the Blinn College System.

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As a lifelong resident of rural Texas, Leighton understands that we need a state representative who will stand up for issues that are central to our way of life. This starts with the protection of private property rights. We as Texans have both fought and died to protect our right to own property. As a landowner, Leighton understands the need to continue this fight. We cannot stand idle while this important right is being constantly attacked.

Leighton grew up hunting, fishing, and enjoying all of the outdoor activities District 13 has to offer. An avid outdoorsman, Leighton understands our freedom to keep and bear arms under the second amendment is a basic right that must be protected, which is one of the reasons why both the National Rifle Association and the Texas State Rifle Association gave Leighton an “A” rating for his work in the last legislative session. Leighton will continue to stand and fight against any interest that attempts to tread on this central theme of our freedom.

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In the 84th Legislative Session, Leighton joined other conservatives to pass a budget that ends diversions of the State Highway Fund.  Now, all of the money in that fund will pay for transportation instead of other programs.  The result: an infusion of $1.3 billion into building and maintaining Texas’ roads over the next two years.

Leighton also worked to ensure passage of House Bill 20.  That bill requires TxDOT to develop a performance-based planning and programming process that would allow the legislature to assess how well TxDOT is achieving stated goals. Applying common-sense business principles to government, this bill:

  • Requires the Transportation Commission to establish a scoring system to prioritize projects seeking state funding
  • Establishes temporary House and Senate select committees to provide oversight as the provisions of the bill are implemented.
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