Despite difficult economic times, the Texas economy has continued to thrive. In fact, over the last decade, fully 25% of all jobs created in the United States were created right here in the State of Texas. As a small business owner, Leighton knows the impact that government fiscal policy has on business. That’s why the…
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Fighting For Rural Issues

As a lifelong resident of rural Texas, Leighton understands that we need a state representative who will stand up for issues that are central to our way of life. This starts with the protection of private property rights. We as Texans have both fought and died to protect our right to own property. As a…
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Border Security

2015 saw unprecedented, increasing danger on the world stage and multiple attacks in the United States homeland itself.  When many are content to leave issues like this to the federal government, Leighton understands these events underscore the need to provide additional security to Texas borders. In historic action, Leighton lent his voice and support to…
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Leighton grew up attending public schools. A graduate of Snook High School and Texas A&M University, he understands the importance of a strong, publicly funded education system, from kindergarten through graduate school.  Leighton understands the importance of having a strong, educated workforce. He strongly supported the 2015-2016 budget that pays for an increase of roughly…
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