Border Security

2015 saw unprecedented, increasing danger on the world stage and multiple attacks in the United States homeland itself.  When many are content to leave issues like this to the federal government, Leighton understands these events underscore the need to provide additional security to Texas borders.

In historic action, Leighton lent his voice and support to the Texas House-approved border-security package championed by Governor Greg Abbott, investing $800 million in improvements and enhancements to Texas border security. This allocation of funds allows the Department of Public Safety to hire an additional 250 state troopers to patrol the Texas border.  Consistent with his commitment to veterans who have served the country with honor, Leighton supported House Bill 11, which gave the Department of Public Safety the authority to expedite the hiring of military veterans who have been honorably discharged and want to become state troopers. Leighton has traveled to the Texas-Mexico border and seen first-hand the implementation of these border security measures.

As an attorney, Leighton understands more police alone can’t guarantee safety.  House Bill 12 provided additional funding and new resources for the state’s Border Prosecution Unit. The unit helps border-area authorities prosecute crimes such as human smuggling, drug crimes and money laundering.   Human trafficking is a major concern throughout Texas and Leighton was a strong supporter of efforts that take steps to combat and prosecute this horrible crime.  House Bill 10 was the first bill that the House approved this session. It created a Sex Trafficking Prevention Unit, increased administrative penalties for the trafficking of a child, and makes it easier to prosecute the crimes of human trafficking and forced prostitution. HB 10 also provides additional resources for children who are victims of human trafficking.

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