Fighting For Rural Issues

As a lifelong resident of rural Texas, Leighton understands that we need a state representative who will stand up for issues that are central to our way of life. This starts with the protection of private property rights. We as Texans have both fought and died to protect our right to own property. As a landowner, Leighton understands the need to continue this fight. We cannot stand idle while this important right is being constantly attacked.

Leighton grew up hunting, fishing, and enjoying all of the outdoor activities District 13 has to offer. An avid outdoorsman, Leighton understands our freedom to keep and bear arms under the second amendment is a basic right that must be protected, which is one of the reasons why both the National Rifle Association and the Texas State Rifle Association gave Leighton an “A” rating for his work in the last legislative session. Leighton will continue to stand and fight against any interest that attempts to tread on this central theme of our freedom.

We must also protect our most basic assets here at home. Over the last several legislative sessions, water ownership and control has moved to the forefront of issues we face in Texas. As a supporter of private property rights, Leighton understands each property owner has the right to do as they wish with their property and that the role of government is simply to ensure that one person’s choice on how to use their property does not harm their neighbor’s right to do the same.

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